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CPOP @ LiveJournal

Sharing generations of Chinese music!

Chinese Music Community
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All Members , Moderated
Share anything related to Chinese music!

Welcome to the LJ's first Chinese music community! Basically, the point of the community is to bring together people who love Chinese music. I know the username says cpop, but anything related to Chinese music is allowed, pop, rock, or other. :)
*Not everything in the community is viewable to the public so if you would like to view all entries, you'll have to join the community. Many full albums, music videos, or other large files may be member protected to prevent leechers.

Community founded by surrel.
dustthouart is currently primary maintainer. Comment in her journal to reach her.
musepoetique is a moderator. She can also be reached by commenting in her journal.

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01 rules
01. To join, click here or at the link above.
02. Please keep everything on topic which means posts must related to Chinese music.
03. Respect one another. That way, everyone is happy.
04. Requests are allowed and so is the posting of graphics (as long as it's Chinese music related).
05. Share something every now and then whether it be news, music, MVs, etc. Everyone has something that interests others. After posting, please remember to tag your entry! If you need a new tag created, just leave a comment here and one of your friendly neighborhood mods will create one.
06. Please comment on the entries that you download from. It's the least you can do after these people take the time to upload them for you.
07. Please support the artists and their songs if you like them by purchasing the CD from YesAsia.
08. There are a million places to discuss Chinese music in Chinese, but not so many for people without Chinese speaking ability. Therefore, the primary language of your posts should be English. If you make a post in Chinese you must include an English translation. If you post artists and song titles in Chinese characters, please post the Pin Yin or English translation for them as well. Not everyone in the community is able to read Chinese so please be considerate of others. :) If you can't read Chinese and are just copying and pasting the characters, that's alright.
09. Resize large images. Nothing over 300px please.
10. Do not make posts with the comments turned off, or turn comments off, or delete other people's comments other than your own, or freeze threads. This includes advertising posts. Deletion will be made without warning; multiple offenses can cause you to be banned from the community.

We're not too strict about what goes on in the community as long as it's on topic and it's not disrespectful in anyway. So, whatever you like to do... feel free. Anyone can feel free to post music, news, graphics, lyrics, music journal updates, etc... No restrictions. Besides, the more the merrier, ne?
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